Time for You

Connect to your own self-care & restore your energy

Do you prioritise everyone else first?
The cost is your energy and your health.

Many of us let our lives be scheduled by others, often putting family and work first. But by taking care of yourself first, you are better able to care for your loved ones. This is counter-intuitive to many women, as we tend to feel guilty and selfish when we do this. But if this doesn't shift, burnout is usually just a matter of time..

Even during this time of global upheaval, many of us still don't recognise that self care is not a luxury, it's a necessity. We simply don't engage in the practises that we know will bring us closer to our best health and happiest life. Maybe you want to, but you don't know how to get everything done AND take care of yourself.

Well, there is a way to put yourself first and still care for everyone around you. It's time you learn how to commit to your own self-care without compromising your ability to support the people around you. Enjoy your best physical and mental health, and celebrate having more energy than you've had in far too long.

Do you want to ..

Transform your energy

Sometimes we lack the tools and mindset to live a high vibrational life. Put those days behind you and learn powerful proven techniques. You deserve to remain active, doing what you love.

Be centred in yourself

We are often our own worst critic, where we could be our own greatest fan! You CAN express yourself fully without judgement. It's time to rediscover your self-worth and reclaim your confidence!

Support Your Loved Ones

What a wonderful gift you can offer your loved ones - physical and emotional wellness. You can do all this and more when YOU are taken care of. Remember, wellness shared is wellness multiplied.

What we'll be covering

Let go of the past

You may get stuck in the past because of a need for certainty, or you're holding onto pain. Feel lighter by letting go, it may be the most important gift you give yourself! 

Spring back from setback

You are going to be faced with challenges and uncertainty throughout your life. What makes a huge difference is your ability to move through them powerfully.

Serious about self-care 

Self-care is more than preventing illness or taking a break. It's essential to maintaining wellbeing. Learn how to reconnect with yourself and refresh your spirit.

Raise your energy

Not having enough energy is usually the first barrier for many people to live the life they want. Instead, learn how to raise your frequency and live a happier energised life!

Get clear to create

When stress takes charge and life is a reaction, it's so difficult to make good decisions. But when it's a priority to restore yourself, you'll see clearly like never before.

Move forward powerfully

You may feel stuck in life, perhaps even in the areas of life most important to you. But once you relate to yourself in a new way, each day brings new opportunities!

What's included

  • 6x weekly 90-minute live online interactive sessions
  • Companion workbook, valuable on its own
  • Private Facebook group, for support and connecting
  • Lifetime access to the training
  • Gift bundle to support your transformation
  • Starts Tuesday 19th October, at 7.30pm

Investment Options

Full Pay

One off payment




2 Monthly Payments



per month

You have the opportunity here to take your self-care, energy and health to the next level. This is one of those times you just go for it, commit fully and allow the magic to happen! 

I'll see you in the Circle!

Sharron xo

PS - Not sure if this is for you? Send me a message here and let's have a chat.