How to 10x your health, wealth and happiness

Are you caught in the frantic pace of life - feeling tired, stressed and rundown? 

Do you feel there is more for you to contribute and experience, but something is holding you back?

Or do you feel like you’re achieving your goals, but it’s never enough?

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Discover the way forward

THRIVE has been written to offer the guidance you need right now. The time of being uncertain and overwhelmed is over. It's not okay to float through life, unhappy yet unchanging.

You CAN be in control of your future. You can break the cycle of feeling stressed and rundown. Regain your energy and learn the power of taking simple actions consistently over time. It’s time for your life to flow effortlessly and welcome in happiness, abundance and freedom!

You owe it to yourself and those you love to reach, to strive, and to step into your power as the loving, healthy, creative, and confident person you really are.

Come join us on the greatest journey of your life!

I highly recommend working with Sharron and Michael to any busy entrepreneur or executive who wants to work out how to improve their lifestyle by making their health a priority.

They are both excellent listeners and give measured advice in a safe environment to allow for personal reflection and growth. Thank you for guiding me and supporting my health and wellness journey!

- Sarah Walker, TV Director

What You'll Learn

  • Learn why Fear keeps you Limited, and master your mind in a whole new way.
  • Establish life-changing Rituals for Living that will provide the framework for your dream life.
  • Discover why Self-Care is Essential, and why you’ll never put yourself last again!
  • Experience how Immersion in Nature can bring you renewed life and restore your body, mind and spirit.
  • Understand the Human Need of Belonging, and connect with family and friends in ways you never thought possible!
  • Take control of your spending and start to Live the Debt- Free Life!
  • Learn how Exercise is Medicine, and that regular movement makes EVERYTHING better in life.
  • Make your Money Work for You, and create a life of abundance.
  • Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude, and finally shift your negative attitude
  • Learn how there is fulfilment in giving, and start living a Life of Contribution.
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With more than 100 simple actionable exercises, this book will leave you inspired, energised, and highly motivated to go out and BE the change in your life!


FREE ACCESS TO A Wellbeing Course

We're so committed to you achieving your best life that as a gift for pre-ordering THRIVE, we're offering you a 6 module Wellbeing Course!

In this course we'll be going deeper into the 6 most popular parts of THRIVE, with videos and worksheets.

  • Being Mentally Healthy
  • Maximising Sleep
  • Money Habits
  • Eliminating Debt
  • Starting Self Care
  • Deepening Your Connections

There will be more information to come, so stay tuned..

Secure your copy today!

  • Break the cycle of feeling stressed and rundown
  • Create Health, Wealth and Happiness NOW
  • Step into your Power and Change your Life
  • Grow with 100+ simple actionable exercises
  • BONUS Wellbeing course, valued at $297

Without hesitation I recommend Sharron to add immense value to you!

She provides practical, actionable strategies with maximum engagement and minimal overwhelm. She leaves groups feeling purposeful, positive and they can’t wait for a follow up session.

- Jessica A, Superannuation Manager

About the AuthorS

Sharron Keogh

Sharron Keogh is a deeply passionate Author, Speaker, and Women’s Wellness expert.

She has been developing her method for creating full body wellness over the past 10 years, having experienced firsthand the highs and lows of maintaining her physical and mental health whilst working full time, running multiple side businesses and still having a social life.

She shows professional and entrepreneurial women how to create and enjoy greater self-belief, significantly improved wellness, and a deeper connection with themselves and those around them.

Sharron has delivered hundreds of training sessions and workshops, guiding thousands of people towards self-empowerment, better health and taking on their goals.

When not working with clients or delivering women’s circles, you can find Sharron by the ocean or walking her dog.

Michael Keogh

Michael is an Exercise Physiologist, Health Coach, Author and Speaker, with 8 years experience in clinical and corporate settings.

He uses exercise as medicine to help people manage their stress and pain, whilst guiding them towards new sustainable habits that result in improved performance at work and greater satisfaction in life.

He has delivered hundreds of exercise classes, managed corporate wellness programs of 10,000+ people, and written more than 500 articles on exercise, nutrition, chronic disease, men’s & women’s health, and more.

When not working with clients or developing new programs, you can find Michael swinging a kettlebell or trying a new recipe.

Learn more about Michael at his website.

Michael is a superbly skilled and empathetic operator. He will deliver massive value if you let him!

Having this targeted knowledge has saved me substantial time and pain, whilst delivering consistent results I didn't think were possible given the relatively small investment of time per day.

- Andy Griffing, Entrepreneur

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