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what is raindrop technique

The Raindrop Technique is a gentle yet powerful method using a combination of reflexology, aromatherapy, energy principles, and massage techniques, to create a truly unique and wonderful experience.

Raindrop Technique is a massage focusing on the entire back, neck and feet. However, through the penetrating nature of essential oils, the effects are felt throughout the body. It's a treat to all the senses, and to the body, mind and spirit.

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Make time for
Self Care

Many of us still don't recognise that self care is not a luxury, it's a necessity. More of us just don't engage in the practises that will bring us closer to our best health and happiest life.

We all live in an overstimulated and increasingly uncertain world. We let our lives be scheduled by others. Stress and other mental health challenges are the norm. We let convenience dictate our diet, and we prefer comfort over activity. We do all this knowing that life is a grind, yet we're not doing enough to change it.

True self care is far more than preventing illness or disease. It's an essential part of maintaining well-being and having a lifestyle that keeps us happy, healthy, and more in tune with our minds and bodies.

Ancient origins, Modern application

Raindrop Technique was developed combining elements from Native American and Ancient Egyptian energy principles, Ancient Tibetan reflexology, & numerous massage techniques.

Native Americans believe the effects of raindrops falling onto the body is purifying to body and spirit. Methods used by the Lakota tribe of stroking the back to move energy in the body have also been integrated into Raindrop Technique.

Ancient Egyptians believed in the absence of visual and mental distractions helped one reconnect with their Deeper Self. Ancient Tibetians used a form of reflexology know as Vitaflex, to send electrical impulses from the feet to the corresponding part of the body. Both are key features in Raindrop Technique.

Using the world's best Essential Oils

Essential oils are the life essence of plants, flowers, trees, fruits, and more. Each oil has a unique frequency, and can support the body in very specific ways.

They are highly concentrated, and can be used safely on the skin to amazing effects (they can also be diluted for use on sensitive skin). They are absorbed in seconds and are readily accepted by the body.

I only use Young Living essential oils. They have an unshakeable commitment to sharing nature's unadulterated oils. From planting seeds in their (better than) organic farms, to not using chemicals at any point in production, to bottling the final oils. I have visited 2 of these farms, and even helped plant Lavender in the field. 

Self care is not selfish, you can't pour from an empty cup

What are the benefits

Experience deep relaxation

Raindrop Technique is deeply relaxing to both your muscles and your mind. Quite different from other massages, Raindrop Technique promotes a great sense of balancing and centering, allowing a reset from our hectic modern world.

Raise your frequency

Having a high frequency allows you to live happier, attract what you want, and let go of fear & judgement. Essential oils are known to raise body frequency, and it's common after Raindrop Technique to feel energised yet calm.

Support emotional release 

Raindrop Technique may help emotions to surface either during or after a session. Emotions may also be expressed physically. This release is normal and a sign of clearing, and I am here to support you through this transformation.

Purify your body

It's impossible to avoid all chemical and toxin exposure in our modern world. Through the effects of Raindrop Technique, your body will be better able to release these harmful chemicals and their related physical symptoms.

Make time for you,
so you can give more to others

You owe it to yourself, your family and your friends to be functioning at your very best.


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Annette M

I can highly recommend to have a Raindrop Massage from Sharron! You'll still feel SO good the day after!

testimonial from Nicole Y

Nicole Y

Sharron is thorough, ensures you are well looked after and you walk away feeling like "that was worth liquid gold".

testimonial of Bonnie H

Bonnie H

Spending a few hours in the care of Sharron was such a treat. I felt nourished, nurtured, and nearly completely revitalised! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a session?

There are 4 stages in each session. You will be face up on the massage table for stages 1, 2, & 4, and face down for stage 3. Each stage is unique, and when combined results in a truly wonderful experience.

There are also a series of pre and post assessments - to ensure the most suitable oils and methods are used during the session, and to review the immediate effect caused by the session afterwards.

Valor Balance
Valor essential oil is applied to your feet whilst you lay face up. It helps to balance the body's electrical energy, bringing harmony to body and spirit.

VitaFlex Technique
This is an ancient Tibetan reflexology technique performed on the reflex points on both feet. Gentle pressure is applied to induce a charge within your skin and the corresponding part of the body.

Raindrop on the back
Essential oils are dripped from a height onto the back and spine. Using a spine-tingling technique inspired by Native American traditions they are "feathered" and "fanned" along the back and then massaged in using a variety of techniques.

Finger Pull
This soothing massage is performed on the back of your neck to conclude the session. Many find it stimulates the entire body, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

How long does each session last?

Typically a Raindrop Technique will last between 45 to 60 minutes and at times up to 90 minutes.  

An extra 30 minutes will be required for your first session, in order to discuss your health history and to factor in any adjustments that may need to be made to the session.

How often can I receive Raindrop Technique?

The greatest benefit is felt when you receive weekly sessions for the first 2 months, then fortnightly sessions for next 2 months, then monthly sessions thereafter. There may be times you need a Raindrop Technique more regularly than this, especially if you are going through a challenging time.

What should I wear to a Raindrop Technique session?

Wear comfortable clothing, something that isnt restrictive. You will be invited to remove your clothing down to your underwear and you will be covered with towels.

If for any reason you feel more comfortable wearing additional clothing on the lower part of the body, please discuss this before your session.

How can I expect to feel afterwards?

Everyone will experience and respond differently to a Raindrop Technique depending on their individual body. Most people float out after a session feeling balanced and deeply relaxed, yet energised at the same time. Some report they sleep beautifully and experience an increased inner vitality. However, with any type of body work some people may experience discomfort during or after a session.

Make sure to communicate your experiences as I may be able to assist and offer helpful suggestions.

What if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

If there is a chance you may be pregnant, please advise me before your session. You will be sent additional paperwork prior to your session for review and completion.

If you are breast feeding, seek advice from your midwife or health care professional before your session.

How can I learn to perform Raindrop Technique myself?

If you would like to learn how to perform a Raindrop Technique, I can teach how you can do this for your friends and family from the comfort of your own home. This is taught in a small group setting.

However, if you would like to add this to your professional skill set and be able to perform a Raindrop Technique in your existing or new business than I can give you more information on how you can get started. 

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