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Are you caught in the frantic pace of life?

Do you feel there is more for you to contribute and experience, but you're stuck in feeling tired, stressed, and rundown?

THRIVE has been written to offer the guidance you need right now. Regain your energy and learn the best simple actions to take consistently over time to revolutionise your life.

Do you want to know where to start?

You owe it to yourself and those to step into your power as the loving, healthy, creative, and confident person you really are! That's why we're going to take the FIRST STEPS TO THRIVE with you!

This 4 week course will focus on Mindset, Body Connection, and Action, the foundations of your future wellbeing and success! 

Get personalised support and guidance!

Do you want someone to support you, guide you and hold space for you whilst you achieve your goals? Sounds like you want a coach and mentor!

I'm your gal! There's nothing I love more than helping women just like YOU to reach your desired health, wealth and happiness goals. I'm so excited to meet you and get started together!


Sharron Keogh is a deeply passionate Author, Speaker, and Women’s Wellness Expert.  She shows professional and entrepreneurial women how to transform the relationship with themselves, so they can enjoy a greater sense of self-worth and self-belief, significantly improved wellness, and deeper connections with themselves and those around them.

Sharron has experienced firsthand the highs and lows of maintaining her physical and mental health whilst working full time, running multiple side businesses and whilst still having a social life.

Having delivered hundreds of training sessions and workshops, Sharron has guided thousands of people towards self-empowerment, better health and taking on their goals.  Sharron has been a mentor to dozens of highly successful people from all walks of life.

In case you're wondering, Sharron's daily recharge is a swim in the ocean and walking my dog.

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Strategy session

If you're really confused about what you're doing and you're not making any progress in life, let's have a chat! I'll shine a new light on your issues and it might just be the thing you need to breakthrough to the next level!

30 days to self-care

When you take care of yourself first, you can better take care of everything else! Honour yourself and use these powerful, tried and tested techniques to raise your frequency and live a life you love!

What my Clients Say

Jessica A

Without hesitation I recommend Sharron to add immense value to you!

She provides practical, actionable strategies with maximum engagement and minimal overwhelm.

She leaves groups feeling purposeful, positive and they can’t wait for a follow up session.

testimonial of Bonnie H
Bonnie H

As a new mum, time is precious and any self-care becomes both fleeting and an enormous priority!

Spending a few hours in the care of Sharron was such a treat, and you can tell the passion she has her work.

I felt nourished, nurtured, and nearly completely revitalised! I left much calmer and aligned than I was when I arrived!

testimonial from Nicole Y
Nicole Y

My session with Sharron gave my just what I needed!

Sharron is thorough, ensures you are well looked after, and with her guidance I have a beautiful feeling of harmony.

You walk away feeling like, “that was worth liquid gold"!

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