Hi, I'm Sharron

Are you a professional woman or entrepreneur,
struggling to get everything done and feeling like a failure?

I've been where you are right now, and I can tell you - there is a different way! 

I've dedicated myself to distilling the method for
creating full-body wellness for amazing women just like you
over the past 9 years and working with thousands of women I've found that these 3 principles make all the difference:
I've dedicated myself to distilling the method for creating full-body wellness for amazing women just like you
over the past 9 years and working with thousands of women I've found that these 3 principles make all the difference:

Practise Self-Care

Life is stressful and chaotic, and we often don't put ourselves on our to-do lists. It's no surprise that we feel exhausted!

But you are worthy of being nourished! Honour yourself by engaging in self care practises and enjoy faster growth and greater happiness.

Connect With Others

In a world with so many opportunities to connect, many feel disconnected from those around them, even from themselves.

It's time to be heard and acknowledged! Surround yourself with like-minded and inspirational women, and truly experience the love and care you deserve.

Empower Yourself

The women of today are going through a self confidence crisis! We achieve so much and still believe that we aren't capable, and can't do it all.

We can rise up together! Through learning new practises, and sharing tools & resources, we are better able to grow ourselves and others.

Who am I, really?

  • I'm a Women's Circles Facilitator and a Raindrop Technique Massage Practitioner. I nurture and empower like-minded women and provide a safe space in which we can all grow and flourish, providing strength and support to each other. 
  • I use and promote Young Living Essential Oils. For the past 3 years I've shared the benefits of these wonderful oils & products to support people physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and in the process changed hundreds of lives
  • I've climbed the corporate ladder, all the way to top as a National Safety Manager. I was leading and supporting teams, training thousands, travelling multiple weeks each month. Whilst I was breaking records at work, I was running myself into the ground feeling fatigued and not being able to care for myself as well as I knew how to.
  • I've had my fair share of health challenges - depression, disrupted hormones, emotional trauma, and a bulging disc to name a few. I've taken on my health powerfully, and I've learned to heal myself naturally avoiding 2 major surgeries.
  • I've spent the past 9 years and $100k+ on personal development. I attended many workshops, courses, seminars & retreats, I've lead and coached on international programs, worked at live events and trade shows, and have made a real impact in the lives of thousands.
For years I worked in corporate 'boys clubs', never able to make the difference I was capable of.
Now 9 years later, I am loving life and living the dream more & more everyday.
I'm in control of my destiny, working in my passion, and empowering other women to do the same!

Never lose your sense of wonder, and the way forward will always be clear

How did I get here

I had a 'typical' upbringing in Sydney Australia, somewhat dysfunctional, mostly positive.

Without all the unnecessary details, my late teens to mid 20's was a mental health minefield.

Taking the Pill played havoc with my hormones, I was depressed and suicidal, I felt I didn't fit in wherever I landed, I was angry much of the time, and had really low self-worth with many self destructive behaviours.

After travelling for a year around the world learning to rely on myself, I returned and settled back into life. But after that trip my life and relationships changed and I found myself at one of my all time lows.


After struggling to get my life back in order, it was a few years later that I attended a property education seminar which started my personal development journey.

I learnt about wealth creation, from property to trading, traditional & online marketing to debt reduction strategies. I implemented what I could and had plenty of successes and setbacks, which only fuelled my desire to learn more.

I connected with hundreds of people and shared a deeper knowledge around personal success and personal finances - in small group sessions, at multi day seminars, and even trade shows.

I learnt about personal growth, altering my world view and relationship with myself. I grew more positive and less angry, and ultimately coached extensively for Landmark Worldwide, opening my participants hearts and minds to their true potential. 

I started being able to actually visualise what I wanted in life, and believed I could actually do what was required to make this a reality. Life was starting to change direction, and I LOVED IT!


Since leaving university I had been working in corporate jobs, first Human Resources for many years then Health & Safety, mostly in blue collar environments. 

I had to be tough at work, and relied heavily on my masculine energy. I often felt like I had to be the office police to ensure compliance and keep staff safe. My work persona was becoming further and further removed from the authentic self I was uncovering.

During my work career I've delivered hundreds of training sessions, broken decade long safety records, lead teams, sat on senior management committees, and directly impacted the growth and profitability of all companies I worked for.

But I knew this didn't mean as much to me as guiding thousands of people towards self-empowerment, better health and taking on their goals. I needed to make a change, and soon.

Sharron in the lavender

Enter a natural approach to living

Around when I turned 30 I learnt that the products we use may not be healthy or even safe to use.

So I went straight to the safety data sheets to learn more about the ingredients in my everyday products, discovering there were first aid protocols for ingredients found in my toothpaste should I happen to swallow it! And things in my skincare that were known to irritate the skin! WTF!

Since then I have been driven to live a natural low toxic lifestyle. I threw away some products instantly and slowly transitioned the rest over time. I was constantly reading all the labels and only bought the best stuff. It was much healthier but also exhausting buying from so many sources!

The last thing I changed was perfume (which is full of the worse crap btw). This is when I was introduced to essential oils and Young Living.

Young Living have the best natural plant-based essential oils, cleaners, supplements, makeup and much more, and an incredible 'Seed to Seal' guarantee to back it up. I had found all my healthy options, in the one value-driven company! I was hooked!

Many of my friends say that Young Living offer the "missing link" in their wellness journey. They're right.


Now, I'm in the lucky position to be empowering women on their journey towards health wealth and happiness, and promoting the importance of positive mental health.

I am out to bring ancient practices & traditions to the modern world with a twist, making them more approachable for people to discover and learn their power.

I'm still a constant learner, but more importantly - I get to share all that I learn with women who really value it, and use it to better their lives and families.

I've experienced firsthand the highs and lows of maintaining my own physical and mental health whilst working full time, running multiple side businesses and still trying to maintain a social life.

So this is where YOU come in. If any of this speaks to you, you owe it to yourself to get in touch and see what's magic we can make together! I can't wait to hear from you but until then - don't forget to..

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be YOU

Sharron xx

Become the Woman you were born to be!

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